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Building Better Stories With LEGO

Many organisations are finding the traditional ways of designing strategies are not working. The typical 2-dimensional thinking style doesn’t work for problems that need more flexible, tactile and 3-dimensional solutions.

 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a new method designed for facilitating meetings, enabling communication and facilitating problem solving, that brings the building blocks to the boardroom. LEGO models are built to engage participants and serve as a basis for discussion, telling stories, solving problems and making decisions among many other things.

NASA and the United Nations have already used this method to help solve complex problems and now, more and more organisations are turning to LEGO to engage their employees, design their strategies and deliver innovative solutions.

Playing with new ideas

Storytelling through LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is subconscious and uses the power of metaphors to explain ideas. The team here at Certus is working hard to practice the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology to unlock imagination and improve our storytelling skills for the upcoming Accelerate event series.

Traditional presentation and storytelling methods involve passive listening and content which is left up to the audience to interpret. Through LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, we’re crafting tangible, 3-D metaphors to resonate with the audience and deliver a more active learning experience.

Join us at Accelerate 2017

We’re working hard to ensure the content at Accelerate 2017 will be innovative, engaging and interactive. There are also additional sessions so you can also get hands-on with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Make sure you’ve registered to join us before spaces fill up: http://www.accelerate.world/


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