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Accelerate |  2 min read

Business On Demand - Responding To Changing Customer Expectations

Every day, you might stream whatever song you like, watch any move you want or get a ride to wherever you need to be by engaging with your smart device.

For customers, the expectation now is that services, products and experiences must be accessible immediately. If they’ve thought about it and it hasn’t happened yet, then businesses are already falling behind and risk losing customers.

Bruce Weinelt, Head of Digital Transformation at the World Economic Forum, says companies should look outside of their industry to keep ahead of what their own customers will want.  

“Customer expectation, for the first time ever, is crossing industry boundaries – we call this ‘liquid expectations’. Companies now have to be keenly aware of developments in adjacent sectors and analyse what developments are happening in these other industries.”

So how do you become a valuable part of the dialogue between the product and the consumer?

Watch this video from the World Economic Forum to discover how to keep up with changing customer expectations:

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