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Certus Digital |  6 min read

Certus Digital Announce new Partnership with RedEye

Certus Digital and RedEye are teaming up to help organisations improve engineering drawing and data management processes.

Certus Digital are proud to announce a new partnership with Australian-owned company RedEyeleaders in delivering asset data management 

 was founded in Australia in 2012 to help large complex asset owners and critical infrastructure operators improve asset safety and performance with a user-friendly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Today, RedEye has six offices globally and help their clients manage over $250bn of assets. RedEye’s SaaS solutions are purpose-built to manage asset drawings and data, enable work on assets, and leverage 3D models to visualise and improve asset condition. 

Certus Digital and RedEye are now teaming up to help organisations bring legacy systems of engineering drawings, spread over multiple locations and file types, together to improve engineering drawing and data management processes. 

With the Certus Assets Insights Platform powered by Maximo and RedEye, our clients can now enable their people to quickly mark-up a drawing and speed up the time it takes to make that drawing visible to the rest of the organisation. 

The combination of our Certus Digital solutions and RedEye’s offering solves a critical issue many asset-intensive organisations struggle with: Having a single source of truth. With most other systems, information needs to be sent out to be edited or worked with. The problem with that approach is that, as soon as that information is sent out, it is uncontrolled, opening organisations up to financial and safety risks. With Certus Digital and RedEyeour clients now have the advantage of inviting people into the system to access that information, removing the risks associated with sending information out.  

This also means that everyone has access to the latest information, essentially eliminating the risk of anyone working with old dataAs a result, everyone is more informed, can make better decisions and is less likely to get hurt or cause harm or damage.  

RedEye’s team have developed deep domain and subject matter expertise delivering numerous asset data management projects for a wide range of sectors. Combining this with the expertise and experience of the Certus Digital team means we're ideally positioned to help our clients improve their engineering drawing and data management processes. 

If you would like to discuss how this new partnership can benefit your organisation, please get in touch with us.  


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