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Cognitive Cooking With Chef Watson

Imagine if you had the ability to learn every possible taste combination and cuisine style in the world – from the traditional, to the wacky. What weird and wonderful culinary delight would you create?

Meet Watson – a cognitive computing platform, developed by IBM. Watson is very unique. Unlike other computing systems Watson has the ability to observe, evaluate, interpret and learn information through human interaction.

In 2012, IBM paired up with New York’s prestigious Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) to do something that had never been done before – create a computational, creative virtual chef.

Watson was first trained on the chemical composition of food using tens of thousands of recipes. It was then taught to master the flavours and ingredients that complement each other in food pairings. Finally Watson was programmed to produce novel food combinations that had not yet been tasted. And thus, Chef Watson was born.

In 2013 the first cognitive recipe was created – the Spanish Almond Crescent. Using innovative flavour combinations to reinvent popular household dishes, Chef Watson has since created many more recipes –enough to supply a Food Truck and write a cookbook! But the potential for Watson’s creativity doesn’t begin and end with food. Imagine the opportunities available for innovation in industries such as art, literature – even business. It’s like having an expert, in every field, at your fingertips.

We’re giving away 10 ‘Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson’ cookbooks throughout our Just ask Watson Roadshow in NZ and AUS. With more than 65 original recipes exploding with irresistible new flavours, this cookbook is sure to delight any food lover. If you’re interested in discovering how Watson can be used as an innovative tool for business, register for your place at one of our Roadshow seminars today. 

If you’re interested in learning how Watson can be used as an innovative tool for business, download the Watson Analytics infographic today.

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