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How Asset Intensive Organisations Can Build Tailored Digital Experiences

How Asset Intensive Organisations Can Build Tailored Digital Experiences

Achieving asset maturity is a constant journey where the solutions required aren’t always black and white. That’s why helping organisations move up the asset maturity curve requires a holistic approach to delivering business outcomes.   

Transitioning your asset information from spreadsheets to a central repository is the typical first step to start improving how you manage assets and your wider business processes. 

But what’s the next step? That information is only useful if it can be accessed easily from wherever your teams are, whether that’s on-site, in the field, on the road, or in the office. This is where intelligent interfaces are playing a crucial role for asset intensive organisations.  

These interfaces are taking the form of mobile apps, user-friendly digital dashboards and other seamless user experiences which present your data in a way that supports your teams to make informed decisions.  

As you’ll know, this type of undertaking often requires development work which can add a further layer of complexity to a project. But we are removing that complexity with the Forge Digital Foundry. 

Certus Digital & The Forge Digital Foundary

At Certus Digital, we have extensive domain expertise in the asset intensive sector and understand how your assets, data and processes can be optimised to enhance your operational excellence. When it comes time to translate that knowledge into a mobile app or intelligent interface, that’s when we turn to the Forge Digital Foundry.   

The Forge Digital Foundry is a methodology that embraces different tools and different sets of expertise to build agile and resilient enterprises using customer experience principles and design thinking techniques. 

The Foundry is the latest addition to our Certus Digital partner ecosystem which allows us to team up with best-of-breed service providers who extend our capabilities to help you solve problems. 

We work with you to figure out the “what” of what needs to happen? Then, we tap into the know-how of the Forge Digital Foundry to handle the “how” of how do you make it happen?  

Together with the Foundry, we will help organisations: 

  • Get the right information in front of the right people using intelligent interfaces.  
  • Leverage technology to innovate & modernise your existing systems.  
  • Become digitally-enabled with a secure, reliable and modern infrastructure for long-term success. 

What It Looks Like In Action at Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan uses Maximo to maintain its own extensive vehicle fleet and plant assets (asphalt plants and quarries), in addition to maintaining and operating third-party owned assets the company is contracted for.  

As the world becomes more mobile, many of Fulton Hogan’s projects require sophisticated and reliable mobile solutions to ensure efficient asset management. To deliver this, Fulton Hogan teamed up with Certus to develop a mobile tool that makes massive asset management tasks much more manageable.  

The mobile app’s front screen/dashboard clearly shows each user what’s important for them and whether they have priority work, or something overdue or nearly overdue.   

“A simple thing like that front screen has dramatically improved our SLA achievement. I’ve seen SLA achievement increase 20% just by introducing things like this.” 

Cameron Simpson, Senior Systems Analyst at Fulton Hogan 

Another element where the mobile solution has made a big difference is with collecting information. The Certus Mobile solution has helped to simplify data entry by bringing everything on one screen with one flow that users are guided through with mandatory questions to make sure forms and reports are completed in the correct order.   

The Certus Mobile workflows also ensure the correct metadata is collected for each photo that gets uploaded into Maximo as evidence of a job completed.  

“The customisation of the workflows was the main reason we chose a custom Certus Mobile solution. And we’re glad we did. It has made a massive difference out in the field.”  

Read the full case study here  

We’re excited about what this new partnership will bring to our customers. You can learn more about the Forge Digital Foundry here.  

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