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Find out how IBM TRIRIGA makes managing real estate and assets efficient and cost-effective

Leroy Clarke and Mark Williams from TRIXi discuss how IBM TRIRIGA can help organisations manage their places and assets in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

For many of the businesses we work with at Certus, the cost associated with managing and running their buildings and facilities is the second most significant expense, surpassed only by the wages they pay.

As a result, many CFOs, senior Operations Professionals and Building/Facilities Managers are under pressure to ensure real estate and facilities are managed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Organisations are increasingly turning towards innovative technology to help them address this challenge. One such solution that is very popular is IBM's Integrated Workplace Management platform, TRIRIGA.

I sat down with Mark Williams from Australian-based Building Insights experts TRIXi to learn more about TRIRIGA and how it helps organisations better manage their spaces and things.

Mark, tell me a bit more about TRIRIGA. What is it, and how does it work?

TRIRIGA is an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) from IBM. The platform is designed to help organisations manage all aspects of their real estate and facilities, from investment decisions, to lease accounting, space utilisation, project management, maintenance, bookings, and much more.

There are six powerful, fully-integrated modules within TRIRIGA.

  1. The Real Estate Module helps manage real estate transitions, lease accounting and site selection and also helps with decisions regarding leasing vs buying.
  2. The Space Module helps optimise space utilisation, identify strategic consolidation and expansion opportunities and automate move processes.
  3. The Projects Module helps manage the construction or refurbishment of facilities
  4. The Operations Module helps efficiently maintain facilities.
  5. The Reserve Module enables people to reserve spaces, catering, equipment, fleets and anything else they might need.
  6. The Environment Module helps identify and manage opportunities to improve efficiencies in energy, water, waste and emissions.

All of these together make TRIRIGA the all-in-one solution to effectively manage workspaces and the assets and people within them.

Tell me a bit more about how exactly TRIRIGA helps organisations better manage their buildings and facilities?

The management of spaces is at the heart of TRIRIGA. The system can be used to maintain plans around your space management, track space utilisation, manage people and assets that are in the space and coordinate property transactions around that. TRIRIGA can also be used to manage moves for individuals or entire teams in the most efficient and optimal way.

Another feature that is integral to space management within TRIRIGA are the BIM (Building Information Module) and CAD (Computer Animated Design) models, which are essentially maps of the spaces. These models form the backbone of any plans and projects around making sure that the areas are used efficiently and that people are happy working within them.

And how does TRIRIGA help me better manage my things (assets within the buildings)?

Great question. Things play a significant part in the work environment. Buildings and facilities are not much value without the assets and equipment that make them work. With TRIRIGA, businesses manage not only their spaces but also the assets that make those buildings run efficiently, like the heating and cooling systems, lighting, and workplace assets like desks and chairs and multi-media equipment.

TRIRIGA helps track the performance of these assets as well as their location where needed. The solution provides full asset management capabilities comparable with IBM Maximo. It manages reactive and planned maintenance and it can take feeds from IoT devices to perform condition-based maintenance.

Learn more in our on-demand webinar

For those who would like to learn more about IBM’s TRIRIGA and how it can help cost-effectively manage your spaces and assets, as well as keeping your people happy, check out our on-demand tech talk in which I ask Mark and my Certus colleague Michael Cahir more questions about the system and its benefits.


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