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Mobile Taking Online Wagering Further

I’ll never forget my chance to win big on “the race that stops a nation” a few years ago. I’m an avid sports fan and like to think there’s a bit of analysis applied to how I bet, but that time was different, a little superstition came into play – a horse named after my favourite curry, and carrying my lucky number had reasonable odds.

It was the final week of uni before exams, and not being from the state this horse race is held in, it wasn’t a public holiday. It was also a time pre-mobile device and smartphone. All I had to do was login to my sports betting account from a PC, and the summer break could be spent sipping mojitos in Mexico. But alas, my plans were thwarted with a lecture that ran over time – ironically the subject being the future of digital, and I missed my chance. The horse, of course, had won.

The impact mobile has had on online sports betting and wagering these past few years has been interesting to see. Technology has been a key driver – the subsequent diminishing barriers to entry for betting agencies resulting in fierce competition for this growing market, while user experience decides the winners and losers.

Place a wager on the go

With smartphone and mobile device penetration well over 60 per cent in Australia, pretty much ubiquitous wireless access via telecommunications networks, and subsequent media convergence, an online presence means a lot more than a website.

As a millennial consumer I’m used to accessing information via convergent media on a single device and being able to act on this information immediately.

I’m not a major player in terms of wagering. I enjoy an occasional bet on major league events, and novelty bets on an election outcome or even Eurovision. Using social media to get updates on the odds and the latest in pay-out amounts, I simply open up my installed betting app and place my bet – anytime and anywhere within a few short minutes. If I could time travel – having a betting app in that lecture theatre a few years ago would have been akin to being in two places at once. 

Smart, secure, speedy

With a number of betting apps on the market, I’m spoilt for choice and have an expectation of an engaging, seamless user experience. I always do a little social media research first to see how the punters are rating the best apps.

I want to use the app in a way that suits my personal betting style. And, I expect immediate and secure funds access and transfers, without compromising secure account information, an essential feature for online wagering.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – navigation should be intuitive with wagering options that allow for quick and easy betting. A great app is addictive to use.

Digital disruption taps in to customer preferences for mobile

The digital space for online wagering is highly competitive and growing. Digital disruption is an industry game changer as overseas competitors gain a foothold in local markets. Meanwhile, customer interactions in retail outlets are decreasing and online transactions are shifting to a preference for mobile.

New customer segments that are driving the shift to online wagering have a preference for straightforward and easily understood products. These customers are lower-spend segments, and these products have a lower margin, requiring sports betting and wagering businesses to have a lower cost service model.

Imperative to success in acquiring and retaining market share in these conditions is a secure and scalable solution to ensure a user experience expected by people like me. That means an app that offers flexibility in pay-outs, live and in play betting, access to news feeds, stats, video replays and live streaming – at my fingertips, without delay. 

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