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Watson: The Method To Its Genius

We’re currently operating in what IBM refers to as the “Cognitive Systems Era”. Whereas traditional computers require human programming to retrieve information, cognitive computers are designed to learn through human interaction and, through continuous feedback, essentially reprogram themselves.

Watson is a machine-learning platform that’s been built to mirror the same learning process that humans have: Observe, Interpret, Evaluate and Decide. With the use of this cognitive framework, Watson can search through a database of information and pull out key insights to bridge gaps in human knowledge. It’s expertise scaling for enterprise.

The infographic below illustrates the science behind cognitive thinking. How can Watson interpret your question, analyse a database of information and come up with an answer grounded in fact and reason?

Click on the infographic to find out...

To learn more on the genius of Watson, read this free infographic: Cognitive Computing is here, is your business ready.

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