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Why A Mobile App Could Be Your Next Star Employee

Companies big and small invest huge amounts of money trying to hire and retain the best people for the job – and rightly so. But your company's top-performer of the future – your highest-billing salesperson, your friendliest customer service rep – might not be a person. It could be a mobile app.


Technology of any kind is still a huge sticking point with white-collar professionals all over the world. Interacting with enterprise systems to gain access to vital information can be painful when it’s done from your desktop, and just plain impossible to do from your mobile device. But mobile apps can make accessing real-time information from the field your competitive advantage.

An example of a company putting mobile apps to use is Ducati. Just a few years ago, they were having a lot of trouble providing accurate stock levels and product information. Their 1,000+ dealers were using several different stock-management systems, and thanks to those systems all being out of sync their dealers were often working with incorrect information.

But when they switched to one single POS (point of sale) solution, they saw huge benefits. Knowing they were working off fully accurate data, they were able to build an interactive mobile app on top of their POS system. 

The app lets customers research bikes and accessories, locate nearby stores, query stock levels and even design their own Ducati bike. Once they've finalised their own design, the app then shows them when the bike would be ready by and choose a nearby store to collect it from.

Whereas in the past customers only had the option of visiting a nearby store or using their (static, less interactive, less personalised) website, the simple mobile app has given them a completely new way to research and buy Ducati products.

Not only has it improved their customer experience, it has also given them a significant marketing edge by helping them appeal to the new wave of tech-savvy, information-hungry consumers who have been won over by having easy access to all of the information they could ever need in a user-friendly format on their device of choice – their mobile device.

Implemented properly, mobile apps can be a major game-changer - transforming the way customers, employees and business partners interact with your brand and do business with you. 

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