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Aligning Enterprise Expectations And Processes With The Needs Of Users

You’ve heard the warnings before: the reality facing businesses is that tomorrow's customers, markets and business models will be very different from today's. And there’s a good reason this point keeps being brought up – because it’s undeniably true.

Both internal and external customers are becoming more discerning and demanding rich, personalised and interactive experiences as well as the delivery of a minimum viable product in weeks, not months. To meet these expectations for in-house or external apps, enterprises will need to blend user centric design experiences with a focus on achieving business requirements; all built on a foundation focused on rapid development.

We’re increasingly seeing that those organisations which are recognising this as a top priority are the ones leading the pack.

The importance of UX

A quality user experience (UX) is no longer "a nice to have" when developing enterprise applications – it is now a necessity to ensure any app is adopted readily and painlessly regardless of the device.

According to a study conducted by SAP, 78% of enterprise applications are abandoned after their first use. What this highlights is a clear gap between what the enterprise has outlined as the expectations and what those actual expectations and needs are of users.

So how do you find that perfect balance of delivering applications in a rapid and meaningful way, without compromising on the user experience or business requirements?

Touchstone from Certus combines the latest in rapid prototyping methods, with clever software architecture and development frameworks, so you can surface business logic, user experience and application vision with stunning effect.

Access legacy systems, new systems and cloud systems in a seamless and scalable way so you can design a better user experience with Touchstone.

Develop fast, meet expectations and deliver results.

To find out more about how the Touchstone rapid-prototyping platform can benefit you, get in touch.

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