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Data, Design And Devices: How These Three Worlds Are Changing The Game In Work Places

Workplaces are now spread out more than ever, both internationally and domestically, yet operating more efficiently thanks to widely-used solutions such as cloud computing and mobility. So how do we achieve the same powerful solutions within organisations to close the knowledge gap? The answer lies in effectively combining data, design and devices.

Gone are the days print-based documents would be distributed inside an organisation to educate and update staff. Now businesses can use the data they collect on internal aspects that are or aren’t working and incorporate this into well-designed, effective products that provide user-friendly solutions. Delivering this information to staff can then be easily done through apps accessible on the workforce’s mobile devices. The functionality of this is simple yet effective, helping to inform and improve productivity.

When done right it’s a game changer. Workplaces are looking at increased revenues when the right insights reach the right audience, ultimately driving better yields. The economic efficiencies are also hard to ignore when reduced handling errors are lowering cost profiles.

Workplace productivity is constantly improving and evolving among competitors meaning keeping up is imperative. Slipping down the productivity ladder can see your business’ growth stunted and your competitive edge disappear.

So what does all this mean for your people – your company’s most important asset? Useful and effective design, which implements the data on-tap, means that insights for key players in your organisation are picked up when they are needed. These adoption rates are crucial in reducing training and adoption costs, not just in monetary terms but also time. As mobility is such a flexible asset, your people and resourcing outcomes means a higher engagement and satisfaction rate among the workforce.

The benefit of using data, design and devices in the most effective combination is, not only, adding value to your business, but also driving down your production costs. This will see your business compete with both the technologically-advanced and highly-productive enterprises operating in our market today.

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