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Artificial Intelligence |  2 min read

How To Make Big Data, IoT & AI Part Of Your Organisation’s Future



What does your digital strategy look like? Do you even have a digital strategy?

What’s currently holding your digital strategy back from helping your organisation deliver your digital objectives?

In a recent global survey of 1500 senior executives with digital strategies underway, three key obstacles to digital success were revealed:

  • Lack of digital expertise and skills
  • Organisational inertia 
  • Functional silos

Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are all reshaping business models and entire industries, making them core cogs of how organisations will operate in the future. Here’s how:

Big Data

Data-as-a-self-service solutions are enabling organisations to analyse their data without the need to build a data science department, making Big Data insights accessible, particularly to smaller businesses.


As IoT adoption grows, so too will the need to integrate these devices with Big Data analytics. In doing so, more detailed patterns, trends and insights may be uncovered by businesses. The accessibility of IoT means having data-collecting capabilities in various locations opens up the possibility for small businesses to benefit from analytics previously only available to enterprises.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning advances on its own, but IoT can rapidly accelerate its ability to connect various devices together to share and digest large amounts of data at once. By connecting IoT and Big Data to Artificial Intelligence, the potential is taken to a more advanced level.

How to overcome the obstacles to implementing your digital strategy

As Forbes outlines, there is no 'silver bullet' to overcome the obstacles and achieve digital transformation. But there are some rules to follow to ensure your success.

  • Ride the trend toward self-empowerment and self-service - enrich and empower your customers, partners and employees.
  • Be flexible and ready for career shifts.
  • Be ready to change industries.
  • Pursue education and lifelong learning - digitally.
  • Be entrepreneurial.
  • Be bold; be ready to challenge the status quo.


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