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Infrastructure and asset management FAQs

What is infrastructure and asset management? 

Infrastructure and asset management with CERTUS is about applying digital intelligence to physical infrastructure and assets. This gives asset managers faster access to better data about their assets – which in turn empowers faster, more robust decision-making. 

The next step of this approach is to implement automation, AI and ML products. This creates a situation where asset managers don’t just have data – they get smart notifications from the machine, without having to check that data.  

It’s a spectrum. On one end, asset managers have the current state, which is physical asset inspections. The next level is implementing sensors and digital intelligence to allow anywhere, anytime inspections. And the step after that is essentially assets that inspect themselves, and alert asset managers to things they need to know about.

What problem does infrastructure and asset management solve?

It is not uncommon for asset-intensive organisations to rely on a few key staff, who have worked in and around the organisation for decades. Over the years, these people develop a “sixth sense” about asset health – they are the “go-to” person for questions and insights. 

But these people are retiring, and workplaces have changed. There isn’t a new cohort of highly experienced people rising up to take their place.  

This creates an opportunity to create a digital version of these experienced people – then build on it. Rather than call a key person, an asset manager of the future can just look at a dashboard to check on asset health. And with properly implemented AI, they may not even need to do that. The asset will notify them when it needs something, rather than wait to be checked on.

How does CERTUS implement infrastructure and asset management? 

We follow a platform approach. We recognise that your infrastructure and assets are actually much bigger than the assets themselves. Rather, they are a combination of four forces: customers, partners, employees and physical assets.  

An infrastructure and asset management system takes all four of these into account. What do customers and partners need to engage with your assets? What do employees need to work on them? What do the assets themselves need to stay productive? 

Our first step is an ideation workshop – where we help you work out what’s possible, and what infrastructure and asset management could look like in your business. Book one today. 

Learn more about how to apply the Certus platform approach to your asset management

Visit https://www.certussolutions.com/digital/infrastructure-and-asset-management for more information.

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