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Digital Transformation |  3 min read

4 Sections of the New Certus Website to Explore


The way we live and work is changing thanks to disruptive technologies including the Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.


Digital interaction is now reshaping every part of our lives as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0.

It’s because of this that businesses must now rethink how they engage and serve customers. We’re firm believers in being agents of change for our clients and that starts by leading the charge ourselves.

We’ve revamped our website to be a hub of education and exploration so you’re armed with the latest knowledge in this time of dizzying technological change.

You can explore the new site here.

Read on to learn about 4 new sections we’ve added and why they matter to your business.


  1. Data Vault 2.0 Microsite 

Unlock the promise of big data with accurate and timely information management and gain clearer insights across your structured and unstructured data. With Data Vault 2.0, you can create an infinitely scalable architecture that is quicker to implement, load data into and create reports.

This dedicated microsite showcases how Data Vault 2.0 can be applied to a range of business challenges and walks you through the different ways you can implement it into your business. 

Explore the microsite


  1. Asset Insights Platform

Are you implementing clever applications for intelligent asset management?

Regardless of your industry, asset maintenance can be much more than just a business cost.

Learn how to leverage the right combination of sensors, analytics and algorithms to transform a cost of doing business, into an investment model that shows clear and predictable returns.

Watch how companies are using asset intelligence for predictive maintenance, continuous engineering, cognitive visual recognition and other transformative applications.

See where you are on the Asset Maturity Curve and learn how Certus can help maximise the financial and strategic value of your business assets and start to build in asset intelligence.

Explore the platform 


  1. Artificial Intelligence Showroom

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence mean that the future is now.

Find out what this means for you and how organisations from hospitals to airlines to energy companies to sports teams are using it to work smarter.

You’ll find useful videos and valuable articles outlining how to leverage next-generation systems that work side-by-side with humans, accelerating our ability to create, learn, think and make decisions. Certus can ensure that you are ready to embrace the future with a range of AI solutions.

Explore the showroom


  1. Accelerate Hub for Business Leaders

Take advantage of insights from world-renowned minds, plus articles, videos, eBooks and more in this content hub. Learn about using disruptive technologies and new trends from the 4th Industrial Revolution to stay ahead of change and position your organisation to gain a competitive edge.

Explore the Accelerate Hub



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