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Operational Innovation unpacked - FAQS For CDOs

Planning major business transformations three years in advance is no small feat. But in the current landscape everything can change in the blink of an eye. Because of COVID-19, it’s likely you’ve already worked through a massive digital transformation, but how will your business have to adapt to change coming around as quickly as every six months? We’ve seen a big shift in how businesses operate – shedding weight across the board, requiring flexible, cloud-based systems with less dependency on specific vendors.

What is Operational Innovation and what business problem would it solve?  

We responded to this shift in the market and developed a new dedicated workshop format focused on Operational Innovation, which will help you discover and embrace new methods of driving enterprise activities, including managing assets, enhancing customer service, and developing new products or channels.

How does Operational Innovation help us to offer smarter, more sustainable, transparent services? 

Operational Innovation gives you the opportunity to reimagine, redefine and rewire your existing business processes and systems to determine the greatest opportunities to be smarter, more sustainable and transparent in an everchanging landscape. It allows you to deeply understand your current and future customer needs, discover opportunities for process simplification and define the role of technology including AI, chat and IoT. Create a frictionless experience for customers by introducing digital capabilities and process automation. An Operational Innovation workshop will help you create an aligned and prioritised capability roadmap, with a high-level solution architecture to ensure a future-proofed and scalable solution. 

Are you ready to use operational innovation to your advantage?

www.certussolutions.com/digital/operational-innovation to learn more.

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