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Operational Innovation Unpacked - FAQs for Line of Business Managers

The effects of Covid-19 have forced a big shift in how businesses operate, with a need for clear and concise rationalisation of business roles and requirements. There is no room for excess weight in the organisational structure and systems need to be nimble and cloud-based, with less dependency on specific vendors. Companies want clear reporting and ownership of their systems, with the ability to call on vendors for training as needed and to achieve this they need to focus on the key areas of their business that require innovation. 

What is Operational Innovation and what business problem would it solve?

We responded to this shift in the market and developed a new dedicated workshop format focused on Operational Innovation, which will help you discover and embrace new methods of driving enterprise activities, including managing assets, enhancing customer service, and developing new products or channels. 

What Operational Innovation services does Certus Digital provide? 

We never assume a "cookie cutter/one size fits all" solution to all companies. Working with your select team, we will utilise our innovation toolkit to introduce compelling digital experiences that improve your existing customer experience, (external and internal) to expand your market reach - and ensure it aligns with everything we’ve learnt about your business to date. 

Operational Innovation is a workshop-based solution. As a starting point, we would meet with key stakeholders within your business and work with them to identify the most relevant industry trends and solutions of interest.  

Are you ready to use operational innovation to your advantage?

Visit www.certussolutions.com/digital/operational-innovation for more information.

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