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Operational Innovation unpacked - FAQS For CIOs

Have you changed business processes, structures and systems due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic? Chances are, you’ve had to innovate by default because of the circumstances in the last two years. You've brought your teams online, focused on digital business improvements and relied heavily on your software. We’ve seen a big shift in how businesses operate – shedding weight across the board, requiring flexible, cloud-based systems with less dependency on specific vendors.What is Operational Innovation and what business problem would it solve?

We responded to this shift in the market and developed a new dedicated workshop format focused on Operational Innovation, which will help you discover and embrace new methods of driving enterprise activities, including managing assets, enhancing customer service, and developing new products or channels.

How does Operational Innovation help us leverage whole of enterprise systems and broader systems of intelligence? 

Most utilities – and the data they gather - are constructed to respond well to specific operational issues, but less so to understand what went before, and what might come. With Operational Innovation, you optimise, modernise and innovate whole enterprise systems to apply a future state of view to external and internal customer needs and wants. Through the process, you review areas where insights are lacking, to understand the gap between current and desired data insights capabilities across people, process and technology. The Operational Innovation workshop will help you create to-be templates and processes for data pipelines and build out a roadmap for deployment. 

I’d like to know more, where can I find information on Certus Digital’s experience with Operational Innovation? 

Find out what it means to have a single view of assets and what the benefits are in the third episode of our series of virtual meetups. Asset intensive industry leaders explore the innovation concept, outline how to mature asset intelligence towards Asset 360⁰ and discuss the role Asset 360⁰ can play in businesses’ response to COVID-19.   

Watch: DEVELOPING A SINGLE VIEW OF ASSETS PART 1: ASSET 360 www.certussolutions.com/digitaldialogues-episode-3 

Are you ready to use operational innovation to your advantage?

Visit www.certussolutions.com/digital/operational-innovation to learn more. 

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